Cabo Verde Cretcheu

Cabo Verde Cretcheu invites you to experience the romantic melodies with rhythms of the up-beat Coladeira, the nostalgic blues of Morna, the African influenced "Batuque" the Caribbean influenced Zouk and beyond.

Featuring the undeniable soul of Dilma Barros from the Cape Verdean city of Mindelo singing in her native language of Crioulo, Dilma has an engaging and charming stage presence that comes naturally from being raised in the rich cultural heritage of Sao Vicente Island, long known for producing the greatest musicians and composers. Her artistry has deep family roots; Dilma’s father was the legendary cavaquinho player Artur Gomes who played with Cesaria Evora, sister Diva Gomes is a renowned singer, mother was a dance champion and Mindelo’s carnival rhythms (batucada) are directed by Dilma’s Cousin, percussionist Mike Lima. Dilma is owner of the folk-art gallery Art D’Cretcheu and Cousin Kiki Lima is an internationally known painter. Throughout the family the expression of the arts is evident and celebrated.

Cabo Verde Cretcheu also features the well-established guitarist and singer Mitchell Long. He is arranger and music director for the group as well as composer of original songs in the traditional Cape Verdean style. Mitchell has adopted the music in his heart from years of working with many of the finest Cape Verdean artists around the world and in Cape Verde. Credits include performing with the legendary Djosinha, virtuoso guitarist Bau, Diva Gomes, Gardenia and seven years touring and recording with Maria de Barros. His almost three decades in music include extensive work with jazz, blues, world and pop music artists such as Waldemar Bastos, Julia Fordham, Sergio Mendes, Herbie Mann, Vinx and Sambaguru.


Cabo Verde Cretcheu band

The six piece band also features Brazil's Jean Pierre Trappenard on Cavaquinho, Germany's Tom Moose on Violin, Americans Matt Spencer on Bass and Simon Carroll on Drums. Special guest appearances have included Ritchie Garcia, Maria de Barros, Diva Gomes, Adam Gust, Jose Marino, Hector Torres, Enzo Todesco, Mark Isbel and Larry Steen.
The unique music of Cape Verde radiates an elegant grace that warms the heart and stirs the soul. Influences from Portuguese Fado, Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova, Caribbean Zouk, and other genres in Africa, Europe and the Americas give the music a true universal appeal. This enchanting archipelago 350 miles west of Senegal has a vibrant musical culture that has produced world music stars like Lura, Sara Tavares, Maria de Barros, the Grammy award winning Cesaria Evora and now the Los Angeles based group: CABO VERDE CRETCHEU.
Cabo Verde Cretcheu features original songs and repertoire or inspiration from Bana, Maria de Barros, Kalu Monteiro, Djim Job, Zerui Depina, Biús, Boy Ge, Mayra Andrade, Nancy Vieira, Teofilo Chantres, Tito Paris, Tcheka, Sara Tavares, Bau, Quim, Kako and To Alves, Amandio Cabral, Manuel D'Novas, B. Leza, Princezito, Toy Vieira, Mendes brothers, Paulino Vieira, Orlando Pantera and Lura.


Dilma Barros and Mitchell Long (also available as a duo)

We are very honored to listed in the LA County Arts Commission's musicians roster. Please take a look there on the link below and visit us on facebook. We also have pages at myspace and reverbnation.

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